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Sarah and Mike

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Our story could be pulled from several different Hallmark movies, “big-city corporate exec. goes home for the holidays and reconnects with the hometown hunk” or “popular varsity baseball player falls for the cute, quiet science geek”. But really our story is one of second chances and immense gratitude for this wild and wonderful life and the crazy journey that brought us together, split us apart, and brought us back together again.

We started dating when we were 14, we attended every high school dance together, religiously watched Dawson’s Creek with a pint of Ben & Jerrys every Friday, cheered each other on during games or big life events, snuck out on the weekends with friends to drink a strange amalgamation of whatever liquor we could skim from our parents (who doesn’t love a classic gin, scotch, baileys, vodka combo?!?), and became integral parts of each other’s lives. Despite a planned breakup when Sarah went to college at UCSD, we couldn’t stay apart with Sarah eventually transferring back to University of Washington to both be with Mike and because #GoDawgs.

But it wasn’t time for our forever. Sarah spent the next 17 years following her passion for fixing the broken health care system to Boston, DC and California. She traveled the world, made new friends that became family and grew family relationships that became friends, and she found hobbies that kept her life full and rewarding. Mike stayed local, got married (and later divorced—this isn’t Big Love after all), and created a beautiful family. Through a combination of grit, determination, brains, and charisma he also built a thriving telecom business with offices in three states.

Fast-forward to Spring of 2022, when the only thing missing in both of our lives was a partner. Whether you believe in God, fate, the Universe or just blind luck, by some miracle and despite living 2,000 miles away we were brought back together again. The first day we reconnected we talked on the phone for seven hours and we haven’t stopped talking since. While we are different now, we are also the same. We value our friends, our family, challenging ourselves both personally and professionally and making sure we enjoy every moment of this big, beautiful life we’re lucky enough to share.

While we know we needed the time a part to become who we are, we don’t take a day for granted since finding each other again. And what we are absolutely sure about is that none of this would be possible without each and every one of you and the role you played in our lives. So while we view our marriage and vows as personal commitments to each other and won’t be having a ceremony, we hope you can join us on August 17th to celebrate us and this amazing community that made us who we are today.